Live appearances

SWE – Göteborg – @Oceanen
Up The Punx (w/ This Gift Is A Curse & Blessings)
SWE – Göteborg
@ Skriket (w/ Hollow Earth (US), Oak & Svärta)
SWE – Malmö
Rundgång Rekords Presenterar @ Grand (w/ Pets Or Food & Ahrm)
SWE – Göteborg
Klubb Framåt Neråt @ Studio Chanslös (w/ Monachus & Svärta)
SWE – Göteborg
@ 128:A (w/ Protestera & La Caida De La Civilizacion)
SWE – Göteborg
Suicide Night @ Eriksbergshallen (w/ 100 Years & Death By Armborst)
SWE – Göteborg
Life Crisis release show @ Skjul Fyra Sex (w/ Swarm & Heavy Make-Up)
DK – Aalborg
@ 1000fryd (w/ Auxes)
SWE – Malmö
WWDIS @ Debaser (w/ Metz)
SWE – Göteborg
WWDIS @ Pustervik (w/ Metz)
NL – Leeuwarden
Mukkes (w/ 50/50 & Midnight Menace)
NL – Utrecht
@ ACU (w/ State Of Mind, Generation 84, State Of Affairs)
NL – Eindhoven
@ The Rambler (w/ Generation 84)
BEL – Herselt
@ TJH De Choke (w/ Generation 84, Get Wise)
GER – Hamburg
@ Hafenklang (w/ Liberty Madness)
SWE – Malmö
High FIve @ Debaser (w/ Trubbel)
SWE – Göteborg
Modern Hex CD-release show! @ Skjul Fyra Sex (w/ The Submob a.k.a. Bombus)
SWE – Stockholm
Fritz’s Corner @ Debaser (w/ Skull Defekts)
SWE – Malmö
Punks Only Festival (w/ Terrible Feelings, Restless Knights)
SWE – Stockholm
@ Klubb Gås (w/ Bombus)
SWE – Örebro
@ Virus (w/ Bombus)
SWE – Göteborg
@ Sticky Fingers (w/ Bombus)
SWE – Göteborg
@ Nordengården (w/ Repoman)
SWE – Göteborg
MusicDoc Festival @ Space (w/ Sork)
SWE – Stockholm
Fritz’s Corner @ Debaser (w/ Invasion)
SWE – Göteborg
@ Truckstop Alaska (w/ Victims, Regimes)
DK – Aalborg
@ 1000fryd (w/ Lords, Slöa Knivar)
SWE – Malmö
Rundgångs 5-årsjubileum @ Debaser (w/ Dipper, James Ausfahrt, Angry La’s)
SWE – Göteborg
@ TKVM (w/ Sista Sekunden, Bombus)
SWE – Göteborg
@ Färgfabriksgatan – Replokalsfest (w/ The Process, Fredag den 13:e, Slaktattack)
SWE – Göteborg
@ Truckstop Alaska (w/ Bombus, Wraptors)
SWE – Malmö
High Five @ Debaser (w/ The Change)
SWE – Göteborg
Koloni @ Berg 211 (w/ Dälek, Kiriaka)
SWE – Göteborg
SP(A)TT @ Underjorden (w/ Knuste Ruter, The VIII Arms Around You)
SWE – Göteborg
@ TKVM (w/ Dead Vows, Hårda Tider)
SWE – Lidköping
Knock Out @ Folkets Hus (w/ M:40)
SWE – Göteborg
Showdown @ Henriksberg (w/ Alarma Man, Fighting Cocks)

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‘Life Crisis’

An album containing nine songs released on vinyl LP in 2014


Title: Life Crisis. Release date: Feb 14, 2014. Labels: La Familia Releases ‎(MEMBER 40+24), Farsot (FARSOT001). Format: Vinyl LP. Pressing info: 375 black vinyl, 150 white vinyl, 5 test pressings. Packaging info: 140 g vinyl, 350 gsm glossy sleeve (with black flood printed inside), 220 gsm printed inner sleeve (also with black flood printed inside).


A1 Stress 3:36
A2 The Spectacle Is Everywhere 4:02
A3 Drunk On Nails 3:03
A4 Trauma 4:18
A5 Deceiver 5:19
B1 Double Negative 3:59
B2 Hour Of The Wolf 5:08
B3 Life Is Elsewhere 4:32
B4 End Times 6:08


Produced by Pontus Andersson and We Live In Trenches. Recorded and mixed by Pontus Andersson at IF Studios, Gothenburg, in July 2012. Additional sounds captured by Robert Samsonowitz in the trench. Mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic at Studio Bohus Mastering.

All songs written and performed by David Augustsson, Johan Meiton, Robert Samsonowitz and Ulf Stöckel except ‘Stress’ written by David Augustsson, Anna Lingmark-Knutsson, Johan Meiton, Robert Samsonowitz and Ulf Stöckel.

Additional guitars on ‘Double Negative’ played by Pontus Andersson.

Parts of ‘The Spectacle Is Everywhere’ stolen from ‘La Société du Spectacle’ by Guy Debord and from ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ by Dylan Thomas.

Art direction, design & photography by Robert Samsonowitz for RBRT CREATIVE.


Life Crisis (LP, Album)
Life Crisis (LP, Album, Limited Edition, White Vinyl)
Life Crisis ‎(LP, Album, Test Pressing)


“With ‘Life Crisis’ We Live In Trenches has created a soundtrack for people in dire need of an eye-opener. You’re welcome.”

Life Crisis – An aural holocaust of unknown pleasures that creates a tangible void of souls.

If ‘Modern Hex’ (2009) was We Live In Trenches’ exercise in a forceful excavation of ruthlessness then ‘Life Crisis’ is their manifestation of being trapped in a box, knowing all exits are closed, barred and tightly shut. Darkness is all encompassing and embracing everyone. There is nothing remotely beautiful about Life Crisis. That, my friend, was never the aim. Life Crisis a pummeling machine grinding its gears until they collapse from exhaustion. It’s a structured mess – precise and breathtaking, calculated and physically hurting.

The throat-slit vocals broadcast grieving despair and wages war against selected recipients with a backbone built on crumbs of hope. But don’t mistake the words for pessimism. It’s simply realism in the crosshair of a man with issues. The musical backdrop is a narrowing corridor, stained with blood and piss; guitars echoes the piercing sounds of Dead & Gone’s Rocky Crane while intertwining the assault of an Arab on Radar-esque nihilism. The rhythm section constructs a sound that could make up walls in a panic room. It obliterates the vacuum in our sleepy brains. The sum of We Live In Trenches’ parts is vastly greater than the singularity of their individuality.

With ‘Life Crisis’ We Live In Trenches has created a soundtrack for people in dire need of an eye-opener. You’re welcome.

Max J. Hansson


Håkan Johansson – Johan Meiton – Robert Samsonowitz – Ulf Stöckel

‘Out Of The Dark’

A single containing two songs released on seven-inch plastic disc in 2013

Below: 2-sided insert

Below: vinyl colours


Title: Out Of The Dark. Release date: March 5, 2013. Labels: La Familia Releases ‎(Member 40+21), Labour Camp Merchandise ‎(WORK001). Format: Vinyl 7″, 45 RPM. Vinyl pressing info: 370 copies on black vinyl, 100 copies on red/black marble vinyl, 50 copies on red vinyl. Packaging info: Comes with a 2-sided insert. Photo on one side, lyrics to “Out Of The Dark” and credits on the other side.


A1 Out Of The Dark 3:28
B1 In My Grip 2:55


Produced by Pontus Andersson and We Live In Trenches. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pontus Andersson at IF Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden, July 2012. ‘Out Of The Dark’ is written by David Augustsson, Anna Knutsson, Johan Meiton, Robert Samsonowitz and Ulf Stöckel. ‘In My Grip’ is written by Glenn Danzig, originally recorded by Samhain. Songs performed by David Augustsson, Johan Meiton, Robert Samsonowitz and Ulf Stöckel. Design & Photography by RBRT CREATIVE.


Out Of The Dark ‎(7″)
Out Of The Dark ‎(7″, Ltd, Marbled vinyl)
Out Of The Dark ‎(7″, Ltd, Red vinyl)

‘Modern Hex’

An album containing nine songs released on vinyl LP in 2009 and on compact disc in 2010

Below: Limited edition – silkscreen sleeve version.


Title: Modern Hex. Release date: Dec 21, 2009 (LP), Oct 25, 2010 (CD). Labels: P. Trash Records ‎(FULL TRASH 43), Suicide Records (SR007). Format: Vinyl LP + CD. LP pressing info: 100 copies with hand numbered silkscreened sleeve, 400 copies with regular packaging. LP packaging info: LP includes a printed insert with lyrics and credits on one side, and the quote “Live Without Dead Time” on the other side.


A1 White Knuckles 4:49
A2 Vatican Strap 4:41
A3 Deported 4:10
A4 I Owe My Soul 5:27
B1 Modern Hex 3:44
B2 Black Friday 4:01
B3 After Dark 3:57
B4 People Vs. People 4:07
B5 Male Damage 2:51


Produced by We Live In Trenches and Oskar Karlsson. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Oskar Karlsson at Artisten, Gothenburg, 2009. Words & music by We Live In Trenches. Sleeve by RBRT CREATIVE. Players: Ulf Stöckel – Vocals. Robert Samsonowitz – Guitar. Anna Knutsson – Bass & Vocals. David Augustsson – Drums. Saxophones on ‘After Dark’ by Petter Findin.


Modern Hex ‎(LP)
Modern Hex ‎(LP, Silkscreen Sleeve)
Modern Hex ‎(CD, Album)


Life Crisis

LP (2014)

Out Of The Dark

7-inch (2014)

Modern Hex

7-inch (2009)

Autonomy Clinic

7-inch (2008)